Zurich Bean Fest 2022

55th Zurich Bean Festival Schedule of Events

**ALL AGES until 7:30pm Friday and Saturday.
***AGES 19+ after 8pm Friday and Saturday.


– 7pm Car Cruise Starting at the Zurich Ball Diamond


Music at the Main Stage

– 8pm Jordan Grainger Band

– 9pm Tasty Newz



– 7a ZMAA Breakfast at the Arena

– 8a-6p Street Market Downtown

– 10a-4p Car Show at the Zurich Ball Diamond

– 10a Food Trucks & Vendors Open on Victoria & Mill Street

– 10a Pork & Bean Meals at Jerry Rader’s Main Street East

– 11a Music Starts On Main Stage

– 12p Opening Ceremonies

– 12:30p Frog Jumping Contest at CG Parking Lot

– 6p West Care Centre Quilt Winner Announced at Main Stage


SATURDAY Music at the Main Stage

– 11a C.J. Lee & The Zephyr Blues Band

– 12p Bronson Liners

– 2p Monday at Mike’s

– 3p Country Roads

– 4:30p Debrownus Band

– 6:15p Honey Sweethearts

– 7:15p Flipside

– 9p Highway 21

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